Reznor's RXH are configurable air handlers. The units have forward curve blowers allowing for standard or high efficiency motors and VFD control.

All published airflow data are supported by AMCA tested and rated airflow performance curves.

Complies with ASHRAE Standard 90.1.


Verwarmingscapaciteit ( MBH )

Koelcapaciteit ( MBH )

Luchtdebiet ( CFM )


  • ETL certification
  • Double wall cabinet construction
  • Pre-coat white gloss cabinet finish (all units); 60 gloss minimum and RAL 9001, meets ASTM B117 specification for salt spray for 1,000 hours
  • Circuit breaker protected transformer for 24-volt controls
  • Vibration/noise isolated venter motor, blower(s) and blower motor (spring or rubber isolators)
  • L50 bearing rating with a life expectancy of 150,000 hours
  • Airflow pressure switch to verify circulating blower operation on makeup air options
  • Socketed, high quality switching relays to facilitate service
  • Through-the-cabinet or through-the-base electrical
  • Three hinged service doors with heavy duty hardware
  • 4-point lift eyes for rooftop or slab mounting
  • Heavy gauge steel base
  • Discharge duct flange


  • UV germicidal lamps - ultraviolet emitter for neutralization of VOCs and airborne micro-organisms for improved IAQ - not filtration. (Requires cooling coil cabinet Option AU. Separate 115/1 or 208/1 or 230/1 wiring/ breaker and a separate disconnect must be provided.)
  • Cooling coil module with coil
  • Supply voltage - 115/1; 208/1; 230/1; 208/3; 230/3; 460/3; 575/3
  • Unit mounted, lockable, non-fused service on/off switch
  • Inlet air filters - 1” or 2” disposable or permanent; 1”, 2”, or 4” pleated disposable; arranged in vertical flat bank for ease of service
  • Convenience outlet (requires separate power supply)
  • Controls-
    • Space or discharge temperature heating/cooling (FX06/07 platform) (optional room command module required for space control)
      • Digital single-stage modulating heating (hydronic valves supplied by others)/three-stage cooling, dedicated DX reheat control system
      • Digital electronic modulation heating (25% low fire - natural gas, 40% low fire - propane)/ three-stage cooling, dedicated DX reheat control system
    • Thermostat discharge temperature heating/cooling makeup air
      • Digital two-stage heating/three-stage cooling
    • Modulating thermostat for heating/cooling
    • Thermostat for 2-stage heating/3-stage cooling
  • Cabinet configuration and construction
    • Left or right side controls
    • No insulation; single or double wall with standard insulation 
    • High R-value insulation (all units)
    • Inlet duct connection flange, or inlet on/off damper with duct flange
    • Blower cabinet screen, inlet duct connection flange, or inlet on/off damper with duct flange
  • Mixing Box Module
    • Three inlet configuration combinations with 100% bottom return air opening and/or 100% outside air rear opening (Model RXH)
    • Inlet air configuration with 30% outside air opening and 100% return air opening (Model RXH)
    • Manual, motorized 2 or 3 position, motorized modulating return air or outside air and return air dampers
    • Direct-coupled 24VAC damper actuators
    • Damper control selections such as 0-135 ohms resistance potentiometer, building pressure, or 0-10 v control
    • Bottom return air screen (Model RXH)
  • Double wall downturn plenum cabinet (Model RXH)
    • Shutoff dampers
  • Blower motor (1/4 to 5 HP) - see pressure drops and blower charts
    • open dripproof, TEFC, or premium efficiency
    • adjustable sheave and belt
    • motor contactor; IEC motor starter; or factory-installed variable frequency drive
  • Hydronic heating coil and module, blow-through (valves to be supplied by others)
    • For proper selection, use Reznor coil selector software included in RezPro® Toolbox (calculator required for proper altitude and glycol content)
    • Left or right coil connections
    • Turbo spiral tubing
  • Cooling coil module with coil
    • ♦DX coil (single, dual or 1/3-2/3 circuit; galvanized or stainless casing; copper or aluminum fins (coated or uncoated) - non-ozone depleting, R410A refrigerant
    • ♦chilled water coil (3-45 tons; 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, or full circuiting; galvanized or stainless casing; copper or aluminum fins (coated or uncoated)
  • DX coil module with dehumidification control. Single, dual and 1/3-2/3 circuit, main DX coil with modulating or standard reheat control
    • Separate compressor for dehumidification system
    • Hot gas bypass
    • Modulating control
  • Evaporative cooling module
    • white pre-painted or 300 series stainless steel cabinet
    • 300 series stainless steel reservoir
    • Recirculating pump or AquaSaver microprocessor-based, timed water distribution system
      • Water recirculating pump with optional (field installed) fill and drain kit
      • AquaSaver water metering device with optional (field installed) freeze protection
    • 12” CELdek® or GLASdek®UL 900 Class II noncombustible media
    • 1” or 2” aluminum pre-filter
    • Water hammer arrestor (field installed)
  • Over/under voltage or phase loss protection
  • Discharge air temperature low limit


  • Variable frequency drive (factory-installed is also available)
  • Smoke detector (in ductwork)
  • Remote control console and unit monitoring
  • Fusible and non-fused disconnect switch (NEMA 3R) (Model RXH)
  • 16” insulated roof curb (Model RXH)
  • Intake air hood with rain baffles (Model RXH)
  • Perimeter roof curb transitions to (C)RGB/RPB roof curbs - for replacement of Models (C)RGB/RPB (Model RXH) (Not available for units with hydronic heat)
  • Thermostats to match analog controls
  • Main unit disconnect switch
  • M-Series condenser


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Split Systems Marketing Catalog
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Competitive Edge: The wide range of options and features of PreevA and the M-Series Condensing unit
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Onderhoud / Installatie

Unit Installation Manual - Outdoor PreevA
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Instructions for replacement kit (261697) for Belimo damper motor
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