Producten Warmterecuperatie XAWS (Stopgezet)


Reznor's XAWS provides an Indoor Energy recovery system that can be used alone or with other HVAC equipment to recover exhaust air energy and reintroduce it into the conditioned space. This system allows a substantial amount of  energy which is normally lost in the exhaust air stream, to be returned into the entering air.

Ideal applications:

  •  Areas with hot/cold temperatures with high occupancy loads or high ventilation requirements
  • Areas with high humidity or very low humidity (recover exhaust humidity air from buildings that have humidifiers)
  • Energy recovery units also reduce the design loads due to outside air, which can mean downsizing the air conditioning equipment.


Note:Application software is available to calculate the load reductions and provide the energy and dollar savings for all areas of the United States and Canada.

How it Works:

The energy recovery enthalpy wheel contains parallel layers of a polymeric material that are impregnated with silica gel (desiccant). The wheel is located in the entering (intake) air and exhaust air streams of the ventilation equipment. As the wheel rotates through each air stream, the wheel surface captures sensible and latent energy. In the heating mode, the wheel rotates to provide a constant transfer of heat from the exhaust air stream to the colder intake air stream. During the cooling season, the process is reversed. During periods when the outside air is cool and energy recovery is not desired, the Stop-Start-Jog option is utilized to stop the wheel from turning, thereby providing cool outside air into the space. 

Luchtdebiet ( CFM )


  • Access to Both Sides of ERV
  • Duct Supports Provided
  • Lifting Lugs Provided
  • High Static Capability
  • "AMCA" Certified
  • Reduces cooling load at design temperatures up to 4 tons per 1000 cfm of outside air
  • Reduces heating load up to 12,000 BTUH per 400 cfm of outside air
  • Dry energy transfer. Moisture in supply (intake) air stream is transferred to exhaust air stream in a vapor state, eliminating condensate plumbing in the ventilator
  • Separate fused power supply
  • Filters are provided on the entering air openings of the indoor units
  • Centrifugal blowers (both intake and exhaust) for high static capability and low sound levels
  • Heavy gauge galvanized steel cabinets
  • Fully insulated cabinet
  • ARI rated internal enthalpy wheel is provided
  • Internal enthalpy wheel made of polymeric material with silica gel impregnated into the material. The enthalpy wheel has a five year limited warranty
  • Internal enthalpy wheels are easily cleanable. Large wheels (36 inch diameter and above) are segmented into easily removable sections
  • All wheels are designed to easily slide in and out for easy servicing
  • Continuous operation down to 10 F (-12 C) without defrost at indoor relative humidity up to 40%. For temperatures below 10 F (-12 C)


  • Low Ambient Control Kit - This kit prevents frost formation on energy wheel heat transfer surfaces by terminating the intake blower operation when discharge air temperature falls below a field selectable temperature setting. Intake blower operation resumes operation after temperature rises above the adjustable temperature differential
  • Remote Start/Stop Switch
  • Non-fused Disconnect Switch
  • Motorized two-position intake damper
  • Differential Pressure gauge


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