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Reznor's UDBS gas-fired, separated combustion unit heaters are available in 14 sizes ranging from 30,000 to 400,000 BTUH gas input.  Model UDBS heaters are designed for 82-83% thermal efficiency and are approved for commercial/industrial installations in the United States and Canada by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

Note: UDBS separated combustion units require installation of a specially designed combustion air/vent system including the unique concentric adapter box that allows for only one building penetration for both the vent and combustion air.


Wärmeleistung ( MBH )

Luftvolumenstrom ( CFM )

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Wirkungsgrad bei Vollast ( Bruto )

Standard Features

  • Certified for commercial/industrial heating applications
  • 82-83% thermal efficient ~ TOP in its class!
  • 45-75F rise range - sizes 30-350 50-80F Rise range - Size 400
  • NEW TCORE2  design titanium stabilized aluminized steel heat exchanger (patent pending)
  • NEW TCORE2  single burner combustion system including a one-piece burner assembly (patent pending)
  • 115/1/60 supply voltage
  • 115 volt open dripproof blower motor with internal overload protection - sizes 30-125
  • 115 volt open dripproof blower motor with internal overloads and definite purpose motor contactor - sizes 150-400
  • Direct drive blower with multispeed taps - sizes 30-125
  • Adjustable belt drive blower - sizes 150-400
  • Transformer for 24-volt controls
  • Integrated circuit board with diagnostic indicator lights
  • Multi-try direct ignition with 100% lockout
  • Blower relay (included on the circuit board)
  • Natural or propane single-stage gas valve (field adjustable for operation to 6,000 ft elevation)
  • Vibration/noise isolated venter motors
  • Sealed compartment houses all electrical components
  • 4-pt Suspension
  • Built-in disconnect switch - sizes 30-125, 20A@ 115V rating; sizes 150-400 30A @ 115V rating
  • External terminal strip for 24-volt wiring
  • Sealed junction box for supply wiring
  • External gas connection
  • Fully gasketed door panel with safety door switch
  • Improved cabinet design with less visible hardware and a NEW Reznor appearance

Optional Features - Factory Installed

  • Equipped for propane gas
  • Two-stage (70% low fire) natural or propane gas valve
  • 409 or 316 stainless steel heat exchanger
  • 208 and 230 single phase voltage; 208, 230, 480, and 575 three phase voltage - sizes 150-400
  • Adjustable belt drive and motor for up to .5" w.c. external static pressure - sizes 150-400
  • Totally enclosed blower motor - sizes 150-400
  • Belt and blower guards

Accessories - Field Installed

  • *Horizontal or vertical combustion air/vent kit including concentric adapter
  • Thermostat
  • Thermostat guard with locking cover
  • Vertical louvers ~ new design
  • Downturn nozzle (30 or 60 degree deflection, with and without vertical louvers) ~ new design
  • Gas conversion kits
  • Manual shutoff valves
  • High altitude kits (above 6,000 ft to 9,000 ft)
  • Master/slave controls for zoning up to six units
  • Duct flange
  • Polytube adapters
  • Blower and belt guards
  • Hanger kits for 1" pipe
  • Stepdown transformer for 230 or 460 voltage - sizes 30-125

* Selection of either a horizontal or vertical combustion air/vent kit is required.

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Unit Heater Marketing Catalog
Unit Heater Marketing Catalog
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Comp Edge: The V3 Series heritage
Competitive Edge: The V3 Series have more innovations and technological advances because they are produced by the Number One manufacutrer in the world
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Comp Edge: With over 70 years of production, Reznor Unit Heaters are the proven leader in the industry
Comp Edge: With over 70 years of production, Reznor Unit Heaters are the proven leader in the industry
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Cooling & Ventilation Product Line
Cooling & Ventilation Product Line Card
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VRF Product Line
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Technische Daten
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Technische Daten

Catalog - Unit Heater
Unit heater catalog
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Submittal - Options - Unit Heater
Options available for gas fired unit heaters
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Submittal - Separated Combustion
Separated combustion technical information
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Wartung / Installation
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Wartung / Installation

Unit Installation Manual - UDBP & UDBS
Installation manual for Models UDBP & UDBS
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Parts Manuals - V3 Unit Heaters
Parts manual for Models UDAP, UDAS, UDBP, & UDBS
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Option - Installation - Separated Combustion Venting - Models UDAS & UDBS
Instructions for venting separated combustion Models UDAS & UDBS
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Conversion Info - Gas Conversion - V3 Series Unit Heaters
Gas conversion kit and instructions for Models UDAP, UDAS, UDBP, & UDBS
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Option - Installation - Duct Flange Assembly - Unit Heater Blower
Instructions for installing a duct flange on blower models B, UDBP, & UDBS
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Option - Installation - Hanger Kit Installation - Unit Heaters
Instructions for installing an optional hanger kit
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Option - Installation - Thermostat Bracket (Unit Mounted) Assembly
Instructions for installing a unit mounted thermostat bracket
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Option - Installation - Aesthetic Concentric Adapter - UDAS-UDBS
Installation manual for compact, aesthetic conentric vent/ combustion air, horizontal vent kit for Models UDAS & UDBS
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437.3 kB
Option - Installation - Downturn Nozzles - V3
Assembly instructions for downturn nozzles for Models UDAP, UDAS, UDBP, UDBS, & UEAS
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Option - Installation - Polytube Adapter Instructions for Models UDBP-UDBS
Assembly instructions for polytube adapter kit for Models UDBP & UDBS
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Option - Installation - Vertical Louvers - V3 Series
Assembly instructions for vertical louvers for Models UDAP, UDAS, UDBP, & UDBS
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202.6 kB
Option - Installation - Stepdown Transformer - V3 Series
Instructions for installing a stepdown transformer for Models UDAP & UDAS, all sizes - and Models UDBP & UDBS, in sizes 30 through 125
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Option - Installation - Blower Guard - Unit Heaters
Instructions for installing a blower guard
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Option - Installation - Multiple Heater Control Installation
Installation instructions for multiple heater control system
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Option - Installation - Vent/Combustion Air Kits Installation
Instructions for installing vertical or horizontal vent/combustion air kits for separated combustion
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Conversion Info - High Altitude Kit - V3 Series
High altitude installation instructions for Models UDAP, UDAS, UDBP, & UDBS
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Option - Installation - Thermostat Option
Instructions for installing thermostat for Models UDAP, UDAS, UDBP,  UDBS, & LDAP
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168.5 kB
Option - Installation - Replacement Orifice - V3
Replacment orifice for replacement heat exchanger on Models UDAP, UDAS, UDBP, & UDBS in size 250 and using natural gas (NOTE: applies to units built before January 2007)
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322.0 kB
Parts Manuals - Functional Replacement Fan/Blower Controls and Limit Controls
 Parts manual for functional replacement fan/blower controls and limit controls
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322.8 kB
Parts Manuals - Replacement Ignition System and Gas Valves
Replacement ignition system and gas valves by serial number code and Maxitrol system components by serial number suffix
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1.3 MB
Field Service - Gasket Kit for Heat Exchanger - V3
Gasket kit for replacement heat exchanger for Models UDAP, UDAS, UDBP, & UDBS
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972.3 kB
Field Service - Replacement of Discontinued Relays
Installation for kits designed to replace relays no longer available from suppliers. Applies to all Reznor units using obsolete relays.
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Warranty Statement
Reznor equipment limited warranty statement
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